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We stand for a new kind of hotel. We stand for sustainable tourism that lives with the city and not from it. We stand for a new way of experiencing the city. We stand for innovation in the hotel industry. We stand for a new kind of stay. We stand for a new type of vacation. We stand for a new way of traveling.

Stay with us in lovingly designed, spacious rooms with individual designs. Discover apartments and suites that have everything you need and can be anything you want, while providing everything you would expect in a typical hotel.

Experience for yourself how easy it is to experience the life of the city with us. Check yourself in, open the door and discover the city – perhaps the biggest hotel lobby in the world. Strategic partnerships with businesses in the nearby area guarantee that no vital service is missing.

Discover our products:

Dive right into the life of the neighborhood and conquer the city –
at your own individual pace! Arrive. Immerse yourself. Live it up.

Our grätzlhotel Street Suites, which have brought new life to formerly vacant, former stores on the street level, exist in symbiosis with vibrant city neighborhoods and are seamlessly connected to their social and built environments. These unique, spacious suites, designed with respect for their former identities, are positioned in a way that ensures that local businesses in the city can provide you with everything you would typically find in a hotel and much more.

Enjoy the comfort you would expect from any 4-star hotel while you experience the city as it is.

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At etagerie in Linz, you live door to door with locals while enjoying the comforts of a thoughtfully designed hotel apartment, without sitting in a tourist bubble where you will barely get a glimpse of authentic city life. In etagerie’s vacation apartments and business apartments, you are on the same floor as the culture of Linz.

Give it a try! Become a temporary resident of Linz.

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Discover our new hideauts hotel collection, where we have gathered recommendations for wonderful vacation stays. Maybe you’re in the mood for a unique vacation?

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URBANAUTS goes Italy!

URBANAUTS STUDIOS are modernly designed studios in the heart of Trieste. Whether for a short business trip or long-stay: here you can feel at home. Thanks to a cozy ambience, timeless interior design and generous facilities, Trieste's dolce vita come to life here.