Hospitality with a mission.

For those who are tired of the same old offers and interchangeable hotels:

We want you to experience the true soul of the places you travel to. The essence – the essentials. With URBANAUTS, you can become a part of the city for a while. We connect you with the insiders of the area – our “Fellows” and are an unobtrusive travel companion for you – digitally and comfortably. You can have the highest expectations of our rooms, studios and boutique lofts – modern and contemporary furnishings, with all the comforts.

The future of travel must be sustainable. That’s what we’re committed to. We revitalize old commercial spaces and preserve special historic buildings. We do not see a hotel as a solitary building but as a network with the neighborhood and as part of a social environment. In this way, we want to integrate and promote the local economy and gastronomy. In this way, we offer travelers not only excellent service but also the opportunity to experience urban life authentically.

This is “The essence of local”.

Find out how you can experience it here.


We are an international hotel operator whose shareholder structure reflects various areas of expertise, such as architecture, urban development, communication and international hotel business. Under the long-standing leadership of our two charming managing directors, we have grown together over the last decade into an international community of passionate hosts.


Theresia Kohlmayr is the managing director of the URBANAUTS Hospitality Group. While still a student of architecture, she founded the firm Büro KLK – Office for Systemic Design together with Jonathan Lutter and Christian Knapp in 2010 and URBANAUTS LLC in 2012, which launched the first Street Loft – “The Tailoress “– in the Belvedere neighborhood in 2011.

“My great passion is the host role as a hotelier. In addition, my architecture studies have taught me great enthusiasm and interest for good design. URBANAUTS products are an opportunity for me in which I can realize my enthusiasm and passion in equal measures.”



Ines Auerbacher is Managing Director of URBANAUTS Hospitality Group and responsible for Finance & Development. She has 30 years of professional experience in the international city and resort hotel industry. She spent several years in leading positions in the upscale group hotel industry, including Head of Operations/COO. As Head of Product Development and Mobilization, she was responsible for all types of the Microliving asset class.

“I love all types of hospitality, however, individuality is always at the forefront for me. The way URBANAUTS rethinks hotels, hospitality and travel is something unique.”